Rock the Ball, a sliding puzzle game, is all about developing your mental skills. It is an educational game which not only provides entertainment but gives you a challenging experience too. This game maintains a balance between fun and education. It is a highly engaging and addictive unblocked puzzle. Players have to brainstorm at every level to find possible answers to each problem. This means that they need to find the right path which will unblock the hurdles and obstacles at each level.

First of all, it has a user-friendly interface which is suitable for adults and children. It is easy to understand and play. Secondly, Rock the Ball has simple rules but as it is a match 3 puzzle game, it gets difficult to play at each level. As the levels advance, the game gets tougher. Here your mental skills come into play. There are hundreds of levels to play and conquer so it will keep you engaged at every level. This will improve your intelligence and brainstorming skills manifold.

Best Sliding Puzzle game For Boosting Your Mental Health

sliding puzzle gameDeveloping Intellectual and Cognitive Skills

Rock the Ball is all about problem-solving. There are several blocks in the grid, which players need to move in order to unblock the path for the ball to travel and reach its destination. You will exercise your brain thinking of the possible moves to make. This will lead to greater logic and reasoning abilities. The ‘what-if’ thinking of what will happen if I move this block or the other one.

Enhance your Perceptive Skills

For this game, your senses of hearing, seeing and touching are involved in play. Your senses from perceptive skills. The sounds playing in the game are apt for a sliding puzzle game. Developers have created and designed the game with appropriate graphics which have bright colors and appealing visuals. The sliding puzzle game blocks have been designed with striking designs. Game options have also been designed creatively. Players are required to slide the blocks with a swipe of their finger to unlock the hidden riddles.

Improves your Motor Skills

Your motor skills will become rapid after playing just a few levels of Rock the Ball. Brainstorming while navigating your moves with a touch of the screen is an ability one can learn with this game. It is easy to think first and then play. But here you can learn to do both simultaneously. Improve your hand-eye coordination too. Looking at the blocks and deciding which ones to move will let you develop this skill.

Builds Concentration

This game is a brain teaser. It is also physics based game i.e. it uses the laws of physics within the game. Concentration is a skill which many people lack. Here you are required to concentrate and focus on the ball and the goal of unblocking the right path. This sliding puzzle game  improves your ability to focus and concentrate on these hidden objects.

The solution is always in front of you. You just need to brainstorm for the hidden answer. Initially, at each level, try to think about how to create the path. Before making any move, look at all the blocks and think about which ones to slide.

Focus on the Goal

The goal of Rock the Ball is to move the blocks and create a pathway for the ball in the least possible moves. Focusing on this goal poses a challenge for users.  To be able to overcome the hurdles in the fewest moves develops your thinking abilities. Minimum moves are awarded a bonus and three golden stars.


These days’ people like to play games on their iPhone, iPad and other devices. But not every game teaches you skills especially your mental skills. So don’t wait long and start downloading Rock the Ball and enjoy the complete experience. There are over hundreds of exciting and fun levels to play in this game. It is an addictive game that engages and challenges players at each level. A good thing about Rock the Ball , one of the best sliding puzzle games, is that it lets you play at your own pace whenever you have free time. Your progress is saved online and you can continue any time you feel like it, exactly from where you left.