Android is an operating system developed by Google for smartphones and tablet devices for the touch screen technology. There are hundreds of Android applications and games available on Google Play being developed by top designers to suit users’ preferences. In this blog, our discussion will be centered on the top two racing games of 2016. We have chosen these because of their ratings, our personal experience and according to the target market. Not just kids but adults as well love playing driving games.The games on review are Fast Highway Racer and Racing Moto Traffic Rider 2016.

Fast Highway Racer

This is a car driving game with 3D graphics and basic driving controls. Fast Highway Racer has been developed by Standard Games Studio, an experienced and professional developer which already has similar games to their credit. Check out more on Google Play here: and download it for free. You can test your driving skills with this game as it helps achieve road sense and teaches driving abilities.

How to Play

This is by far the simplest and easy to play car driving game I have played to date. The controls are quite easy. With two arrow keys in left and right direction, players can drive their cars with much ease and comfort. The interface is also user-friendly. The 3D graphics and sound are appealing. The environment of the highway keeps changing as the users drive faster and the sound of the car, its horns, and brake seem almost real. Overall, the game is exciting and interesting for all age groups. It is especially useful if you want to test or build your driving skills. With a couple of controls, the driving is totally smooth.

In the gaming world, speed thrills not kills.


Fast Highway Racer has different environments throughout the game which makes the game attractive. There are several cars which come on the highway to obstruct the driver and the player has to avoid crashing into them. Plus few blocks have been placed on the roads which the driver has to evade in order to keep playing. In case you crash into any blocks or cars, you will lose the game and need to restart again.

While driving the players have to collect gold coins which come up on the screen. This adds to their score. A high score enables users to unlock new car options and new rounds.


Racing Moto Traffic Rider 2016

Created by Games Tree, Racing Moto Traffic Rider 2016 is a bike riding fast paced thrilling adventurous game. This game is a completely realistic bike riding experience. It is also very challenging as two-way traffic is faced by the rider. Visit this link to learn more and download for free:

How to Play

The game opens up with the player seated on a bike. You have to move the device, smart phone or table around in different directions to drive your bike. There are several controls available which are explained in detail in the help section. A new player, who might be overwhelmed by the presence of various controls, can refer to the help section to understand them better. A control for brake, race, and light are provided for the player. Your score is recorded in terms of the distance traveled and a high score is also maintained by the game. A fuel bar displays your usage during the drive. The pause option lets you take a break during the game as needed.


This is a bike riding game with multiple features. Firstly you can select multiple environments, choosing from different stage available options. These are desert, winter, city and highway options. They offer different scenarios to ride your bike. After this, you can select the game mode. Game modes are based on fuel, time trail, and endless traffic. As the names suggest, fuel option lets you play until your fuel lasts, while in the time trail option a time frame is given at the top of the screen within which you have to play the game, and the last one is of endless traffic where you face heavy traffic on the highway.