Useful mobile first index SEO tips

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an absolute must for every organization, something that cannot be neglected or avoided. There is a genuine need to go mobile first to be favoured upon by Google and get the site noticed by millions of targeted audiences. There are some useful SEO tips that can be used for achieving the desired results in the mobile first index.

Tips to follow

The best seo company in India is likely to make use of the right and most appropriate mobile index strategies to help their clients to get the favoured results.

  • Plug site pages into mobile friendly test of Google: If the individual is a small entrepreneur or is managing multiple client sites, then the initial thing to be undertaken is to check if the pages qualify the mobile friendly test of Google. The test should begin with money pages for plugging within one by one. Although time consuming, the highest selling product or category page will not be found to be non-optimized for the mobile or left un-indexed. Using tools such as DeepCrawl, the mobile pages can be managed efficiently and quickly.
  • Verifying indexing of mobile pages: Making simple mistakes such as forgetting indexing the mobile pages can be easy. For ensuring indexing of mobile pages, visit on Google on the smartphone. In the case, nothing comes up, then the mobile pages are not being accessed by Googlebot.
  • Reviewing errors in smartphone within Google Search Console: When checking for errors, it is essential to identify the type of errors that pops up. Such errors can help guide the person in his strategy. Testing is done by visiting Google Search Console, then crawl errors and smartphone errors.
  • Updating mobile contents for reflecting desktop contents: If there is present a separate responsive site or mobile site, there could be a desire is to cross check the mobile and desktop published contents. In content, majority of the sites are lighter, thus ensuring speeding up of the page speed. Using mobile first index, different contents present on the mobile and desktop is likely to cause major keyword and traffic loss. Testing here is likely to be manual procedure. Firstly, it is essential to find a list of the highest traffic pages from Google Analytics and place them in Google Sheet, then each URL is to be viewed on the smartphone and desktop, one by one basis.
  • Eliminating hidden contents in the accordions and tabs: Although contents listed in accordions and tabs are not hidden, it is essential for the entrepreneur to be fine with mobile first index. It will be essential to double check to ensure if the content is visible on the mobile phone and desktop to all users. The professional seo services India are said to use this as a common technique for hiding contents in mobile for making the design to appear cleaner. It is essential for every SEO marketer to watch for any kind of hidden content. For ensuring correct implementation of accordions and tabs, the website is to be scanned manually or using Screaming Frog tools.

The above mobile index SEO tips are quite useful and often used by the industry professionals.