There are lot of articles around the web sounding similar to the topic where people promise to make you a world class designer with just 500 word blog but we are not here to do that. Here, we will just browse through simple ways to create an attractive presentation design without spending much time as we normally tend to do by making use of tools that are available on internet.


Creating a PowerPoint Presentation with just 10-15 slides take a heck a lot of time even when all the content is ready. I know a few marketers and sales people who would skip a dinner or even a date if they have got a business presentation next day. They are well aware of the magnitude of pain that is involved in making a Professional Presentation. Believe me, they all hate it to the core and they don’t mind even shelling out dollars by outsourcing it to freelancers. Do you know how many freelancers are out there doing full time presentation design? Whatever number you may imagine, it’s always more than that.  This is precisely because, the idea of presentations have evolved dramatically over the years. It is no longer just about the content at all. Today, it is clearly observed that visual appeal of a presentation plays a much significant role just as the content do. A presentation is never complete with just the text on the slide on a white background. Visual content is as important as literal content. As a matter of fact, who would wish to have a cake without a cream topping? Well, technically I would. But, I don’t think everyone is so watery about cakes like me. Point is, visual impression makes a much stronger impression.

In the present era, right from business meetings to classroom in kindergarten, anything &everything is being ruled by PowerPoint Presentations. Last time, someone was telling that if you need to propose to a girl, you should learn to make a good presentation. Well, it’s a joke, but the importance of a presentation is not.

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Today, statistics says that 30 million presentations are made daily and more than 120 million people are using PowerPoint to create Business and Educational presentations worldwide. What does it really take out of you to create a visually marvellous PowerPoint design? There are fivekey areas one needs to invest in -Right Colour, Right Images, Right Font, Right Shapes& Right Layout. Guess how much time it would take to have all these ingredients work out a magical presentation. If someone asks me, I would say not less than five hours. What one would have thought to complete in half an hour will take half a day before one realizes he has just crossed half way through in the presentation.

How do you create a presentationin five minutes?

Well, assuming that the content is ready point wise, all that is needed is a suitable Pre-designed PowerPoint design or PowerPoint Template, as most people call it. One thing about these Pre-designed slides is that they are very professionally designed by experts; they normally have clean colour consistency, professional touch & enhanced visual appeal. It is like someone has cooked everything and all we need to do is put it in the oven before eating it.

Where do you find the Templates?

Here is a list of top five websitesthat has really good PowerPoint design templates

List of websites

  3. Slide Carnival
  4. Presentationmagazine


I would like to conclude by saying that if one has the content ready and has chosen the right template, then creating a presentation in five minutes is 100% percent possible. It may not be possible to touch the sky with a bullock cart but it is certainly possible with a rocket.