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To find themes and templates is one of the most difficult task for bloggers and web developers. And if they find their desired theme then it is paid !
Few months back my company told me some features and said to find a similar theme. And it was a WordPress Theme. Well searched for 3 days and couldn’t find it because all the features had a only chance to be premium wordpress theme. Well reported back that need 69$ to purchase it and sent some download links in it. But the team leader denied saying that go develop it. You are a web developer so we except some creative development from you. Now this was shocking. I guess every team leader expects some Eiffel tower.
Now again back to searches and browsing. Searching, Searching and found a site named Peexa. It was definitely one of the best Free themes and templates site. Having so many options and tabs jumped into the WP Theme tab and looked into some themes.
You won’t believe I found more than 5 themes having the features which were in my requirement list. I double checked whether it was really working. And it was. Working and live links.
This site has a great collection of Blogger themes, Plugins, Hosting Coupon codes, HTML Templates, Drupal Themes, Magento Themes, SEO Tools and a lot.
For all the bloggers and web developers i would Highly recommend this site.
And for the Owner of the site : ” Whoever you are, you are doing a great job. Providing every kind of stuff free of cost. It is just amazing. Keep posting and keep helping

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