Basketball is not only loved in the real life, but in the online world. There are many basketball games which are played on a large scale and people love them. Big Heads Basketball game is one of the best online basketball games which are widely played worldwide by young as well as elders to spend some entertaining time. Mind Freeze Studios have developed this game in such a way that users can enjoy the real life experience while playing this video game. It can be played via using Android OS and Windows as well. Big Head Basketball can put the player of this game in like a real physics based one on one action for basketball to enjoy.

Learn the Game

There is a challenge to take a look on the collection of different opponents who can challenge you to play this game in an interesting way and you have to work on your skills as well as knowing the weakness of your opponent. While playing Big Head Basketball you can earn the different power cards from this game which are specially designed to give the ability to use your skills for your opponents. These power cards are used to enhance your abilities to beat the opponent in this game. You have the option to Shoot, Shove, dunk or even block your way while you are playing tournament, which will help you to unlock more characters for this game.

Big Head Basketball has a special spinning wheel which contains different prizes and can be gained after spinning the wheel once in 24 hours. Players can spin this prize wheel and get exciting prizes like boosts to be used to complete the challenge, power cards to beat the opponents as well as special characters to play in the game. It’s all about your luck that where the spinning wheel stops and which prize you will get in the game.

Big Head Basketball championship

Big Head Basketball championship is basically an advanced version of this game in which you have ability to select a team from a list of 30 different teams and also select your favorite player from these teams. The selected player can be upgraded with your prize money and you can skill any other player with different skills in Big Head Basketball. You have option to play this game online with your friends by challenging them and post your wins on your Facebook wall. To play this game you simply need to use arrow keys to move and jump the players and you have to press the Space key to hit the basketball.

Features of Big Head Basketball

By playing Big Head Basketball you can enjoy excellent features of this online video game, some of the features are given below;

  • More than 20 characters can be used to play this game and these characters are unlocked as you pass the levels of the game.
  • To add some boost in your game you can collect power cards.
  • If you don’t have enough boost or power cards you can buy them from the in-app purchases section in affordable packages.
  • You have ability to upgrade the skills of your selected player.
  • More characters of the players can be unlocked by winning the different tournaments.
  • Your earned coins can be used to spin the prize wheel so that you can get different boosts or prizes.

If you are the one who love to play basketball and don’t have enough time in real life, you just need to install Big Head Basketball and enjoy the real time experience of a basketball game. It’s time to enjoy the action by beating the opponents.